Join Troop 205

How To Join Troop 205

Joining Requirements:
To become a scout you must have completed the 5th grade, or have earned the Arrow of Light Award, or be at least 11 years old, but not yet 18.

At your first troop meeting, the Scoutmaster will explain the joining requirements of the Boy Scouts of America.

Complete an Application:
Get a Boy Scout Membership Application from the Scoutmaster and have your parent or guardian sign the application. The Scoutmaster will then give you the temporary certificate of membership.

Complete a Medical Form:
Before you can go camping with us you must obtain a Medical from the Council Website and have it completed by your parents and your doctor. Any special medical problems should also be brought to the Scoutmaster’s attention.

Our Troop registration fee is $50 per year, less if you join part way through the year. If for some reason you cannot afford it, speak privately to the Scoutmaster – perhaps he can find a way to help. Adult membership is $25.00.

The registration is payable in December of each year.

For additional information please email: